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Our history is the foundation of our company and one of the reasons we’re so excited about its success in the future. Highlands Residential Mortgage’s Management team is led by Chairman, William R. (Bill) Starkey, Sr., Chief Executive Officer, Kenneth G. Hickman, President, Brian W. Bennett, EVP/PR/HR/General Services, Brian R. Starkey, EVP/Chief Financial Officer, Lori Riley, EVP/National Production Manager, Danny Deaton, EVP/Chief Operations Officer, Steve Peters. The team as a whole brings over 150 combined years of mortgage banking experience to the company. Each individual of the HRM Management Team has the total commitment to provide the necessary support to accomplish our continued growth and success. A collaboration of founding Partners Bill Starkey, Sr. and Ken Hickman produced a national production franchise which began in 1992 with the acquisition of AccuBanc Mortgage. At AccuBanc, the team grew the company from a small regional mortgage company to a national leader in the industry. From 16 retail offices and 1 wholesale office in 1992 ($650 million in originations), the company expanded to 84 retail offices and 16 wholesale offices by 1998 ($13.2 billion in originations), making it the 18th largest originator in the U.S. Bill and Ken accomplished this success by building a team of professional individuals, committed to their own personal growth and dedicated to the ongoing success of the company. With the addition of Brian Bennett and Danny Deaton in early 2013, two of the most successful production managers, and leaders in the industry, our growth, success and future has elevated to a new level. They embrace the same basic formula for success by creating a professional environment of loyal committed individuals and providing the necessary day to day support to validate success. Also in 2013, Steve Peters joined the Highlands Team. Steve Peters possesses a high level of experience in Operations, Compliance and Secondary Marketing, with a total understanding and commitment to support our production team. His vast knowledge and experience has proven immeasurable in the overall enhancement of the company’s focus on quality and performance. We believe the team’s experience provides solid, real-world value to our customers, employees and industry partners for the present and beyond.



Bill Starkey – Chairman of the Board

Ken Hickman – Chief Executive Officer

Brian Bennett – President

Danny Deaton – EVP/National Production

Steve Peters – EVP/ Chief Operations Officer

Lori Riley – EVP/Chief Finacial Officer

Brain Starkey – EVP / Public Relations & HR